Jump Board

This 45 - minute class is an ideal fusion of cardio and strength training.  The jump board on the reformer provides low impact jumping combined with the strength training and endurance from the spring tension during the workout.  


Ready to pick up the pace?  This is a 50 - minute non-stop intense timed training class.  Bodyform utilizes Pilates apparatuses and other props and equipment.  

The low impact, quick transition and constant muscle burn during this workout will increase your cardio vascular strength as well as increase muscle endurance and strength.  Your body will develop long, lean muscles and core strength with this crazy burning workout.  

Floor Pilates Barre

Floor Pilates Barre Class is a great way to tone and sculpt your body.  It is a fusion class of cardio, Pilates, Barre and yoga.  Barre, resistance tubes, balls, weights,  bosu and other equipment will be incorporated to the class to give you the results you need and want.    

Cardio Mix

Let's take it up another notch!  This 45 - minute class is a high intensity, sweat producing, heart pumping and fat burning workout, while incorporating Pilates fundamentals.  Bodhi, jump board, chair, tower and other props are used during this workout to create a total body workout.  

Cardio Kickboxing

You'll sweat, burn, strengthen and get your heart pumping in this 55-minute intense Cardio Kickboxing class. It's a blend of cardio, strength training, coordination and endurance all the while keeping the class fun yet challenging.



A 55 - minute class utilizing various pieces of equipment (reformer, tower, chair and Bodhi) that improves core strength, posture, body awareness and flexibility.  The various series of movements will work the small intrinsic muscles that often are over-looked along with the larger muscle groups, giving your body a lean and toned look.  

Our classes are designed for every individual, from beginner to advanced, that is looking to improve their overall strength and flexibility.